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About Frivforschools.com

 Welcome to the Frivforschools.com! The idea to start this site came to my mind 2 months way back. I am trying to share educational and learning games here. So kids can learn new things in a fun way. I am a single person and don’t have any partnership/contract/affiliation with any company nor I belong to any trademark. This is only an effort for kids to come here, play games and enjoy the time after their studies. Me and My friends (working with me) are happy to report that this website’ve convinced millions of people in a very short period because games + math is an equation that makes sense.
Frivforschools.com is our brain-training site. Friv 4 School is a site for everyone, where logic & thinking meets fun & games. These games have no violence, no empty action, just a lot of challenges that will make you forget you’re getting a mental workout!
But this site is not only for those people who want to learn math. This site is for those people too who feel bored in office break or when alone at home. Even for those kids  who want to play games online. If you are with your friend you can play multiplayer games. We offer nonviolence games for kids. Dress up games for little girls, Car racing games, cool puzzles, cool math games, Friv 4 School and much more. However, if you feel anything shouldn’t be on this site please contact us and we assure you we will take it down after confirming.
Free Kids Games: All the games which are available on Friv 4 School are free to play. This is an effort for those kids who can’t afford Xbox, Play station, and some other expensive consoles like DS. So, while playing here you don’t need to worry about paying for playing educational and entertainment games. You can play all the games free here.
Games for All Ages: Not only kids even parents and teachers can enjoy these useful games too. There are so many games based on science and math available free here. Kids of Preschool learning, Kindergarten, grade 1 to grade 5 can enjoy these games. I know some teachers and parents also who are enjoy playing these games. If you are fresh visitor you should visit the website and find out the fun which is hidden here.
Tell You Teachers: If you are a student of any age and your teachers have blocked the games which you want to play. You can tell them about our website because we have done our best to make a school safe website. I am sure after checking our website this will be allowed to play games at Frivforschools.com. I welcome the suggestions of teachers as well if they want to suggest any game they can contact us. Their suggestions will be warmly welcomed. However, in the case of any inappropriate content, they can also mail us.
We hope you love what you find here!

—  Aamir