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Only Seven Days Game

Friv Only Seven Days Game Online – Tank Game – Army Game

Friv Only Seven Days Game is available now at Friv for School Games which is a Tank Game here. People who like to play Action games, Army Games or Tank Games can try this free game. In this game, you will control the movement of a Tank loaded with different weapons and try to destroy the tanks of enemy. For this, you can use different weapons as a game player. However, play this game only for learning purposes and get familiar with the computer. Tank Trouble 1 Game is also available here. Play all games here in mute mode.

How to Play Only Seven Days Friv

In this Tank Game, you need to destroy the tanks of enemy. You will only keep moving and avoiding the fires of the enemy. Firing by your tank is auto and you don’t need to push any button to fire. You can buy upgrades by opening the shop and spending points. For more, see instructions at the start of this game. Tank Trouble 2 Game is also available to play here.

Controls: You will use the mouse to move the tank and fire is automatic. Spacebar is to open the shop to buy upgrades and the P button is to Pause the game.