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Maths Power Game

Friv Maths Power Game

Friv Maths Power Game is now available at Friv for School which is a Math Game Here. This game is a little different. In other math games usually you see math questions and you see some numbers. Your aim is to find out the answers. But in this game, you will see the answers and you need to find out the numbers which make those answers.

There are different numbers on the game screen and under you will see the answer to the questions. Click on the numbers which complete these answers. Total levels of this game are 10. The game starts with the additions and subtractions questions but later you will see multiplication and other calculations questions too. Fruity Fruit Match Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.

You can also see time on the upper bar of this game. Try to solve all the questions before time runs out.

Controls: Play this game with the mouse.