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Crazy Cabbie Online Game

Friv Crazy Cabbie Online Game

Friv Crazy Cabbie Online Game is available at Friv for School Now. If you have played Crazy Taxi Game, this game is the same. But in some places, people find this game with the name Crazy Cabbie Game so I am posting this game with this name too. Playing is also the same. Besides the name, this is a free game for kids who like to play Car games or racing games. If you like to play Car Games or Parking Games, you can try the Car Parking Challenge Game also. Play all the games in mute mode.

How to Play Crazy Cabbie

This is a Car Racing and Car Driving Game but in it, you will not drive a car but you will control the movement. There are some other cars on the road too. You need to dodge and pass through those cars. Move the car as fast as possible to go the maximum distance to earn a high score. For this purpose, you can flip the car in the right lane or in the centre lane or left lane of the road. You can jump off those cars as well.

Controls: To move Left press Left Key and to Move right press Right key. However, to jump, you can press the Spacebar button on your keyboard.