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New Star Soccer Game

Friv New Star Soccer Game

Friv New Star Soccer Game is now available at Friv for School. This is a Sports Game and available at Friv for School to play now. This is a simple and tinny game and in which your aim is to hit a goal only. In the start of the game, you will see the tutorial and learn how to play this game and later, the game will start. The game in the start is very easy but with the increasing levels, the difficulty level will also increase. Top Spinner Cricket Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.

How to Play New Start Soccer Friv

Playing this game is very simple as I have mentioned above that your aim is to hit goal only. First of all, you will adjust the direction of the ball. Then you will point the place on the ball to hit. There are different modes to hit the ball which you will see in the game. If the ball goes in the poll, you will get the points. If you miss the goal three times, the game will be over. However, this is a free game and you can restart at any time.

Game Controls:

You will play this game with the mouse as you will adjust the direction and hit power with the mouse.