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Word Maker Game

Friv Word Maker Game

Friv Word Maker Game is now available at Friv for School Games. This is an educational game in which kids will practice and learn new words. There are different alphabets on the game screen and you need to connect them to complete the words. As many words you will complete the more score you will get. You can see the time and score on the left side of the game screen. Word Wrap is also a Word Game Online and available here to play free. You should play all the games in mute mode here.

How to play Game Word Maker Friv

If you have already played some word search games then you know how to play this game. But if you are playing it the first time, you should learn first how to play it. You can press “?” button to learn how to play it. You just need to click hold drag on an alphabet to complete the word, When you will complete a word, alphabets will be replaced. Now, complete more words. Try to complete as many words as you can.

Controls: You will play this game with the mouse.