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Down is Up Game

Friv Down is Up Game at Friv 4 School

Friv Down is Up Game is a brain-boosting puzzle at Friv for School. In this game, you will see a tiny character on the game screen. That Character needs to reach the exit point which is a black box on each level. Now, it’s up to the player how he will bring him to the exit point. The starting levels are simple and easy to play but as the number of levels increases, the level of difficulty will also increase. Juggling Game is also available to play here. Play all the games in mute mode.

How to Play Down is Up Friv

Playing this game is very simple with very simple controls. But to find the path to the exit point of level is the main thing. There are different obstacles and different helping tools as well. Use these tools to reach the point and to complete the level. For this, you can move the character, left and right. Jump option is also available. Jump on the tools which are available and reach the black box which is the level complete point.

Controls: You can use arrow keys or A, W, S, D keys to play this game.