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Run 3 Game

Friv Run 3 Game at Friv 4 School

Friv Run 3 Game is now available to play at Friv for Schools. This game belongs to the Run Games series. People who like to play running games can try this game. This is the 3rd edition of run games. Graphics and track of this game are awesome. If you have played its previous parts, you know how to play this game. This is a physics-based game in which you will see a robot who is ready to run. The aim of the player is to bring this robot maximum distance to get the score. The more distance you will bring this robot the more score you will get. Friv Run 1 Game is available here too.

How to play Run 3 FRIV

There are different obstacles on the way of that robot the player will avoid these ditches and obstacles. Don’t let the robot fall down. Keep going for this purpose, you can move it left or right or jump as well. If the robot falls down, the game will restart again. Brain-boosting game and not very simple. It could be a good game for those who like to play difficult games. Play this game only for learning purpose. You play Friv Run 2 Game here also.

However, its sound is annoying, play it in mute mode. 

Controls: You can play this game with the arrow keys to move left or right and press Spacebar button to jump.