Tank Wars Two Players Game

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Tank Wars Two Players Game

Friv Tank Wars Two Players Game Online

Friv Tank Wars Two Players Game is available at Friv for School. This is an action game and will be added to Army Games Category. This is a Two Player Game, but you can play it against the computer. So, you can share this game with a friend and can play it together or you can play it alone too. But play this game only for learning purpose. If you like to play Tank Games, you can try this game too. Friv Tank Destroyer Game is also available here to play free but you should play all the available games in Mute Mode.

How to PLay Tank Wars Friv

When you will see the first wall you will see a button to choose play mode that you want to play as single player game mode or double player game mode. Then you will choose who will go first, player one or two. One tank is Red Coloured and the other one is Blue Coloured. You can see the instructions as well about how to play this game but I will add some instructions here. Blow up the other tank before your Tank is Blown Up.


Left and Right Arrow keys to drive the Tank and Up Down Arrow key to Adjust the Cannon Angle. A & Z buttons to adjust the velocity and Spacebar button to fire the cannon.