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Pac-xon Game

Play Pacxon at Friv 4 School, which is a Pacman Xon game. Pacman is a little yellow character which was originally conceived in the late 1970s. However, it was released in the game format in the 1980s. This character chases yellow dots but avoids ghosts. This game has conquered the love of people from all over the world. People who like Pacman games are like a large community now. Your aim in this game is to fill empty space and capturing the ghosts. So, build a wall around these scary ghosts. You can move to the next level by filling 3/4 of all the empty space.

About Pacxon Game

You have few chances and when you touch any ghost you lose a chance. Play carefully and show your skills. However, in the start of the game, you get 4 chances (hero lives). Power-up is a feature which makes Pac-xon game very interesting. When you see Yello symbol that means you can eat ghost which appears on your way. You can speed up by eating cherry symbol. You can slow down the speed of ghosts by eating Banana Symbol. It will make easy for you to catch all the ghosts. Here is one more surprise, you can freeze the ghosts by eating pink ice cream. For new users, this game is little hard in the start but sooner you can master it. This is an addictive game and very enjoyable for people of all age groups.

How to Play Pacxon Friv

Use arrow keys to play this game. Make a jail around all the colorful ghosts to catch them. Move very wisely and plan your moves first. Dray best walls to draw as more area as you can. This wall will stop the ghosts to walk here and there and bound them in the shorter area. See instructions at the start of the game that how to play pacxon.