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Chain Letters Game

Friv Chain Letters Game

Friv Chain Letters Game is a word game at Friv for School. In this word game, you need to find out the words which are hidden in the available alphabets. Yes, this is an educational game which is very good for learning new words and spellings. You will see some alphabets available on the game screen and some buttons on the right side of the game screen. The first word is Submit, which you will use to submit the complete word.

2nd button is shuffle, which you will use to shuffle the alphabets to find the new words and the 3rd button is Clear which you will use and rest the alphabets and write new word.

In this game, you need to find out the complete words from the alphabets. Click on the alphabets to complete the word and press the submit button. If you get the right word, you will be rewarded with some points. If you have typed the wrong word and you want to clear it then press clear button. Match 3 Math Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.

There is a timer also. You need to complete as more words as you can before the time ends.

Controls: Mouse.