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Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Jigsaw Puzzle Game at Friv for School

Friv Jigsaw Puzzle is here for the little kids at Friv for School Games. This is a free Jigsaw Puzzle game in which the player needs to place the pieces of the puzzle at the right place to complete it. There are 4 buttons on the game screen in the start. First, you need to fix the difficulty level. Later, you will see 4 buttons on the game screen. First, 2 buttons are grid off or grid on to see the place of the puzzle pieces. Friv Learning Addiction for Kids is also available here. Play all the games in mute mode.

Solution Button is to see the solution of the puzzle and scramble button is to mix up the pieces again and to restart it.

Controls: You will play this game with the mouse as you will drag the pieces with the mouse only.