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Bricks Breaking Game

Friv Bricks Breaking Game at Friv 4 School

Friv Bricks Breaking Game is now available at Friv for Schools which is Bricks Breaking Game as its name. In this game, you will see the different type of bricks on the board. Now, you need to remove then wisely into groups. Click on the group of same coloured bricks to remove them from the screen. This way you can earn the points. Clear the whole board by removing all the tiles from the board. If there is single tile at the end of the game remaining, the game will be over. Pairz Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.

How to Play Bricks Breaking Friv

There are different coloured bricks available on the board. Click on the group of at least 3 same coloured bricks to remove them and earn the point. However, you can remove single and double the same coloured bricks as well. But for this action, you need a magic wand. But you should use magic wand minimum. However, if the game screen is not clear at the end and a single or 2 tiles are remaining game will be over.

Controls: Mouse.