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Home Sheep Home 2 Game

Friv Home Sheep Home 2 Game at Friv 4 School

Friv Home Sheep Home 2 Game is now available to play at Friv for School. This is a free adventure game based on 3 sheep. This game belongs to the series of Home Sheep Home Games and this is the 2nd part of this game. The sheep are lost and you need to bring them back safely. There are some obstacles on the way of these sheep. All three sheep are different in size. So, you can switch them to cross different obstacles. Click on the sheep to switch them. This game is also based on physics. Because you will measure the distance before any sheep jump and all the sheep are different in weight too. Jump correctly and let them reach to the Baran in a safe way. Click here to play Home Sheep Home 1.

How to play Home Sheep Home 2 Friv

If you have played the previous part of this game, you know how to play this game. However, if you are playing this adventure game first time read these instructions. As a game player, you need to bring these sheep back to Baran safely. For this purpose, you need to show your skills and common sense to cross all the obstacles which will come on the way of these sheep on each level. Electric Man 3 Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.

Controls: Click to switch the sheep. Arrow keys to move.