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Sand Castle Game

Friv Sand Castle Game at Friv 4 School

Friv Sand Castle Game is now available to play at Friv for School. If you like to play battleship games, this is one of them and you can try it here free. In this game, you need to protect a virtual Sandcastle for this you have a cannon. Some other battleships are on the way, coming to destroy this sand castle which you are trying to protect. If you want to protect it, destroy all the battleships of the enemy. Castle Wars Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.

How to play Sand Castle  Game Friv

Online all the levels of this game, you need to sink all the battleships of the enemy into the water. For this, you can use the virtual cannon. In fact, this is a physics game, in which you will learn to measure the distance and throw. Estimate the distance, aim the battleship and shoot. Click Here to play Battleship Game.

Controls: You will play this game with the mouse. Aim by moving the mouse, adjust the power of the throw and click to shoot.