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Taxi Gone Wild Game

Friv Taxi Gone Wild Game

Friv Taxi Gone Wild Game is now available to play online at Friv for Schools which is a Driving Game. This Car game is same as Crazy Taxi Game or Wild Wild Taxi Game. In this game, you need to run the car on the maximum speed. You need to go as far as possible to earn score. Fever for Speed is also a Car Game and available here. Play all the games in mute mode.

How to Play Taxi Gone Wild Game

When you will start the game, you will see a taxi standing on the road. You will press up arrow key to move the taxi forward. If you want to decrease the speed you can press down arrow key to reduce the speed or stop the car. However, its better for the player to use flipping rather than using breaks. You can drive the car in the centre lane on the road or left or right lane. You can also use jump to jump the cars at a high speed.

Controls: You can use the left arrow key to move left or use the right arrow key to move to the right lane. Up/Down Arrow to move upwards or breaks. Spacebar can be used for the Jump.