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Mahjong Fun Game

Mahjong Fun Game Friv 4 School

Friv Mahjong Fun Game is now available at Friv for School game which is a free Fun game online. If you like to play puzzles, you can try this game. This is a matching game, in which you will remove the tiles by matching them. Usually, Match-3 games and other matching games are simple to play. You need to move tiles to make a set of three tiles or other to remove them from the game screen and the get the score. In this game, there are some blocked Tiles as well. You can not match the blocked tiles. Bricks Breaking Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.

How to Play Mahjong Fun Friv

Make the pair of tiles to remove them from the game screen. But you can match only the tiles which are not blocked. You can use your mouse to click on the tiles which are not blocked from Left, Right or Up/Down. Just Click on the Tiles to Choose the pair to remove from the screen. Word Maker Game is also a tiles game but you need to complete words in it.

Controls: Mouse.